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Record and safely maintain your final wishes so that your loved ones left behind know your preferences after you pass on.

Here you can record your funeral preferences, your Last Will and Testament, your organ donation preferences and inner thoughts that you would like known after your death.

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Plan and record your final wishes FREE OF CHARGE

Welcome to Final Wishes, a web site dedicated to the task of providing dignity to the undeniable process of death. Here you can record your funeral preferences and last words, organise your Last Will and Testament with our Will Kit and cover the subject of organ donation.

At Final Wishes it is so easy to:

  • Set up your Last Will and Testament
  • Record your funeral and burial/cremation preferences
  • Record your coffin preferences and music at your ceremony
  • Get Epitaph Suggestions
  • Record your assets so that friends and family can be informed of these after your death
  • Advise family of your organ donation preferences
  • Allow selected people to access your records if you wish
  • Get information on funeral directors and businesses associated with funeral and death planning

Your preferences and will can be amended by you at any time.

The process of organising your life wishes does not have to be a morbid or depressing experience.

By proper planning even at a young age, you can alleviate a number of problems experienced by your loved ones after your death. Proper planning will lessen the burden on those chosen to organise your affairs after you have gone.

We touch on aspects of death including preparation for the event,  funeral preparations, body and organ donation as well as protecting your assets and the proper allocation of your wealth.

Whilst we are not experts or advisors in any of these areas we try to point you in the right direction so that you are aware of your options. We try to assist you in your decision making and empower you to make dignified choices.

By recording your final wishes you make it clear to your loved ones how you want your funeral and other events conducted and this relieves them of a very heavy burden at a most difficult time.

In this way you can help your family even after your death.

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